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*Salisbury Transit is offering FREE FARE every Saturday in the month of July!*

Transit Operations​

Transit Operations provides a safe, efficient, and affordable transportation alternative to the general public in the cities of Salisbury, Spencer and East Spencer, thus permitting greater accessibility to employment, social, recreational, educational and medical facilities. 

Transit Operations also provides an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) demand responsive
paratransit system that includes wheelchair lift-equipped vans to accommodate citizens unable to access our fixed route bus system because of a functional disability.

Tickets and Passes
Tickets and passes are available at reduced rates. 40-ride passes (regular and senior citizen/ handicapped) and individual tickets are available at the Salisbury Customer Service Center, 1415 S. Martin Luther Kind Jr. Avenue. You can save by using the passes.

If you need to transfer from one route to another to complete your one-way trip, ask the bus driver for a transfer ticket. This transfer is good only on the next scheduled run of the second route. All buses transfer at the Depot Street site only.

Route Names
Routes are named for the end point or major destinations on the route. For example, the East Spencer/VA Medical Center route, Route 3, goes from the Transfer Site to the VA Medical Center and back.

Inclement Weather
Routes and schedules may be affected by adverse weather conditions such as ice and snow. For information concerning altered bus schedules, listen to local radio stations or call Transit Operations.

On Board the Bus
The comfortable Salisbury Transit buses are air-conditioned and heated. Please observe our rules which prohibit smoking, eating or drinking on the bus. To get off, please ring the bell a half block before your bus stop. The bus will stop only at officially designated bus stops.

No flammable liquids are allowed on the bus. Only service animals fully trained and properly harnessed may accompany a person with a disability or accompany a person delivering the service animal to someone with a disability. All other pets and animals are prohibited.

American With Disabilities Act (ADA/Paratransit)
The City of Salisbury’s ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) transportation system is available to transport functionally disabled individuals to many different destinations within the cities of Salisbury, Spencer and East Spencer, utilizing wheelchair lift-equipped vans.


If you have an ADA concern or complaint +

Who is Eligible?
Any person, regardless of age, with a functional disability, which prevents the use of the City’s fixed route bus system. Examples: Use of wheelchairs, braces, walkers – inability to independently board, ride or disembark from city buses because of specific learning disabilities, or organic brain syndrome. Additionally, individuals with visual and hearing impairments of anatomical loss affecting one or more body systems may be eligible. ​Please call Transit at (704) 638-5252 to verify if you are in our service area.

Cost of Service
The cost for transportation is $2.00 per one-way trip inside the City Of Salisbury, Spencer and East Spencer.

How to Apply for Service
Contact the Salisbury Transit System office at (704) 638-5252 and request a Certification of ADA Eligibility form. The form will be promptly mailed and will contain questions and information that will be used to determine eligibility. After the form is completed and signed by a physician, mail the form to the Salisbury Transit System at P.O. Box 479, Salisbury, NC 28145-0479. Eligibility will be determined within twenty-one days. You will be notified in writing whether or not you qualify for the ADA service. Remember, only a functional disability can be used to determine eligibility, not a medical diagnosis.

What Transportation is Provided?
Non-emergency transportation can be provided to any destination within our service area. There will be no restriction on trip purpose. Reservations must be made at least one day before the intended trip, and can be made up to fourteen days in advance. Transportation will be provided to the door at your residence. It will be your responsibility to meet the van at the portal of your front door. The driver is not allowed to go into your home or to assist the passenger inside their destination. If you require assistance with mobility, you should enlist the assistance of a personal care attendant. The attendant may ride with you at no charge. The ADA system will honor only trip requests made in advance, not additional trips requested after the van is boarded.

Service Requirements
Office hours for reservations are Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Reservations can be made by calling (704) 216-8899. For your convenience, reservations may be made at any time during the weekend, after office hours, and on holidays by using the answering machine at the reservation office. Please indicate if a wheelchair lift-equipped van is required. Service will be provided from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the same days and in the same service area as the fixed route bus system. Transportation is not provided on holidays. Each rider is expected to honor trip requests. Cancellations must be made two hours prior to your scheduled trip. If the cancellation is called in after the two hour period or the transportation company is in route to your location/address, this would be considered a no show. Individuals who consistently miss scheduled trips that would result in a no show will be denied ADA transportation for a reasonable period of time, up to and including permanent suspension.

 ADA/Paratransit Files


 Contact Information

P.O. Box 479
Salisbury, North Carolina 28145
(704) 638-5252
(704) 638-5253

Contact us with concerns or complaints using our online form.

Transit Manager
Rodney Harrison
(704) 638-5252
Any printed material will be provided in an alternative form upon request.