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 Records Manager Cindy Botts


Records Manager, Cindy Botts, was hired in November 1995 as a Records Clerk on second shift for the Salisbury Police Department. In
 1998 Botts transferred to a first shift position as a Records Clerk. In 2000 she became Records Manager and currently serves in this role for the department.


The Records Division of the police department is responsible for entering all police reports into the police department computer system. The Records Manager supports the division by offering customer service to the public in obtaining police reports, assisting officers in obtaining reports and supports other departmental personnel, including Records Clerk's on various shifts.

The Records Division answers non-emergency phone lines to enter calls for service and assists the public in a variety of ways and also enters warrants, serves subpoenas and files and maintains all of the police reports for the department. In addition, the Records Division serves as the central point for the police department in maintaining information and ensuring that information received through is forwarded to the correct area in the department for processing.

 Contact Information

Records Manager
Cindy Botts
(704) 638-5333