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 Property and Evidence Technician Robin Allen


Property and Evidence Technician Robin Allen, grew up in Granite Quarry and is a 1981 graduate of East Rowan High School. In addition, she is a 1982 graduate of Salisbury Business College and a 1993 graduate of the Carolina Beauty College (Cosmetology). Allen began her career with the Salisbury Police Department in 1987 as a telecommunicator, took some time away from the department and rejoined the department several years later. In late 2011, Allen transitioned into her currently role as Property and Evidence Technician.  She is also involved with the City's United Way efforts and serves as a member of the City's Dazzling Night of Talent Committee.

Robin Allen is involved with local theater and musical efforts as well as with her family and church.

The Property and Evidence Technician is in charge of safeguarding, preserving, and documenting all items turned into the Salisbury Police Department. These items may be evidence taken from a crime scene or items taken from a suspect, such as drugs and money. There are also items turned into the department such as items found by citizens or officers and items taken for safekeeping.
The Property and Evidence Technician must keep strict documentation on all items that are turned into the department. He/she is held accountable for each and every item until the item is returned to the rightful owner or ordered destroyed by an order issued by the court system. When an item is taken out of the Evidence, the item is signed out by the Technician and received by the officer. The Technician maintains a strict chain of custody for all items. At this time, there are over 26,000 pieces of evidence that this position maintains. This includes all regular evidence, found property and safekeeping items.

All property turned into the Evidence must be properly packaged and labeled prior to turning it into a locker. Drugs, money, and firearms are handled differently from other items. All firearms are unloaded and ammunition is packaged in a separate bag by the officers. Money must be counted by two separate officers before it is turned into Evidence. Drugs must be packaged and weighed separately when they are turned in the locker. When turning in evidence, all items are listed on an evidence sheet by item number. The evidence sheet must have a good description of each item listed. After the officer completes the evidence sheet, the officer then signs the chain of custody on each item and the evidence sheet. The officer then can place all items into an evidence locker. When the case is disposed of in court, then the officer must present a disposition sheet for the destruction or sign off on the evidence sheet for the destruction.

Found Property and Safekeeping Items
Some items turned into Evidence are found by citizens or officers, while other items are turned into Evidence by officers for safe keeping. Found property items are kept in evidence for a period of six months unless the owner is located at which time the item is then released to the rightful owner upon proof of ownership. If the items are not claimed within the six month period, then the items are either destroyed or sold at public auction. Any money that is found is turned over to the department's education fund. When an officer takes an item for safekeeping, then the owner is told he or she can pick the item up at a specified time. If the owner decides not to pick the item up after a desirable time limit, then the item is usually destroyed.

Destruction of Items
When a case is disposed of in court, most of the time, the items are ordered to be destroyed by the court. This would include miscellaneous items, guns, drugs and money. The money is either returned to the rightful owner, unless the case is a drug case, or turned over to the education fund. Drugs are always destroyed and guns are destroyed unless the owner can show ownership and show the court why he/she needs the weapon back. All found property is either destroyed or auctioned off at public sale unless the owners are located. Destructions are normally held four or five times a year.

 Contact Information

Property and Evidence Technician
Robin Allen
(704) 638-2095