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 Downtown Patrol Officer Mark McDaniel


​Downtown Patrol Officer, Mark McDaniel, has served with the Salisbury Police Department for 16 years, mostly as a Patrol Officer. In his current role, McDaniel acts as a liaison between the downtown community and the department and is assigned to patrolling and handling dispatch calls within the downtown area. In addition, McDaniel coordinates security for Downtown Salisbury's Night Out events.  

The Downtown Patrol Officer works as a liaison officer between the downtown business owners and the Salisbury Police Department. It is the responsibility of the Downtown Patrol Officer to enforce laws and respond to calls for service. He also has the responsibility to work as a liaison between other City and County offices and the Police Department. Hours are dictated by the demand for service. They are usually daytime business hours but can be flexed to accommodate other activities such as a burglary assignment or a planned gathering.

The Downtown Patrol Officer is a community-oriented police officer at its best. It is imperative that he is known by name to the majority of the business owners and their employee’s. The downtown liaison officer must familiarize himself/herself with other issues such as our parking ordinances and local codes. 

For the most part, the Downtown Officer, patrols on a Segway. This mode of travel is most efficient and practical considering the high volume of traffic in the downtown area.

 Downtown Parking Control Specialist Mike Neely


Downtown Parking Control Specialist, Mike Neely, has been serving in his current role with the Salisbury Police Department since August 2000. He currently oversees the downtown district and monitors parking violations for the Parking Enforcement Division. Specialist Neely is also a member of the City’s Customer Service Team and the Salisbury Police Department's Morale Team.

The Parking Control Specialist is responsible for enforcing the parking laws designated for the downtown area, in addition to collecting payment for parking violations. Records are maintained by this position for all paid and unpaid violators. Unpaid violators are issued late notices and if violators continue to accumulate unpaid parking tickets, civil actions may be filed against these individuals. This process is overseen by the individual serving as the Parking Control Specialist. Currently, this position patrols the downtown service area on a Segway, to provide the most effective and expedient monitoring.

In addition to monitoring parking violations, this position is also responsible for daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly financial audits within the Records Division.

Parking Enforcement Division (Downtown)
The Parking Enforcement Division enforces parking in Salisbury's downtown area that consists of a nineteen block area and four City parking lots. All but one lot is monitored for overtime parking. 95% percent of the spaces in the downtown area have two hour time limits. The remaining parking is available in increments of fifteen minutes and designated for loading and unloading.


 Contact Information

Downtown Patrol Officer
Mark McDaniel

Parking Control Specialist
Mike Neely
(704) 638-2164