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 Criminal Investigations Lieutenant Brian Stallings


Criminal Investigations Lieutenant, Brian Stallings, began his career with the Salisbury Police Department in 1996 and has served the community as a Patrol Officer, General Investigator, Victim's Advocate and Sergeant over the General Investigations Unit. He currently holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Pfeiffer University and plans to pursue additional education. Brian considers family as his most important asset and enjoys spending time with them.

The Criminal Investigations Lieutenant manages various functions for the department within the Criminal Investigations Division which is comprised of the following three parts: General Investigations, Vice/Narcotic Unit and the Crime Lab. The division is responsible for specialized investigations that go beyond the routine response of daily operations of the department and require that its personnel have specialized skills and training.

​Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Division is divided into two sections, General Investigations and Drug Investigations. The unit is structured as follows:

  • Lieutenant (1)
  • Sergeants (2)
  • Investigators (7)
  • Drug Investigators (2)
  • Street Interdiction Officers (2)
  • Gang Investigators (1)
General Investigations
General Investigations is responsible for the follow-up investigations of all major criminal offenses. Detectives are expected to investigate all types of criminal offenses, however, specialty areas are also developed. Investigations are currently divided into:
  • Sex Offenses/Juvenile
  • Robberies
  • Homicides
  • Burglaries
  • Fraud/Forgeries
Each of these areas has one or two investigators that have developed a specialty in that particular area or the investigator has established partnerships that assist in the investigation of some offenses.
Cases are assigned according to solve ability factors, seriousness of the offense and past history. Factors that have been shown to increase the probability of clearing the case are used initially to screen reports for assignment. Those cases with more factors are assigned for investigation. This process does not exclude the investigation of other cases - the process applies our resources to achieve the most effective results. 
Drug Investigations
Drug Investigations consists of two investigators and two street interdiction officers. The group is responsible for developing strategies to combat drug offenses in our community. Typically, the unit conducts search warrants, surveillance and undercover operations. The unit is the primary contact for drug information. The unit assists patrol in developing projects to combat street level drug operations and also conducts specific projects to address problem areas. 
In addition, the unit has developed partnerships with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), State Bureau of Investigations (SBI), Alcohol Law Enforcement, and the Rowan County Sheriffs Department to provide a wide range of resources. This group has targeted those groups that are above the street level offender. This group has been very successful in prosecuting cases through the Federal Courts. 
Gang Investigations
Gang Investigations consists of one gang officers. This officer identifies and classifies the various gangs and gang members operating in our area of operations and investigate gang related crimes and activities. The unit also gathers intelligence on gangs and gang members by conducting surveillance on specific targets and locations. Also among their responsibilities are conducting undercover buys from gang members, creating plans that help in reducing gang related crimes in hard hit parts of the city and reviewing incident reports to determine if they are "gang related."
A Sergeant supervises gang investigations.
The entire unit is represented at several community and public agency meetings. The Salisbury Neighborhood Action Group (SNAG)receives monthly updates concerning drug investigations and criminal investigations. In addition, the group provides information and resources for continuing investigations.

 Contact Information

​Police Lieutenant
Brian Stallings
(704) 638-2142​​