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 Special Response Team


The Salisbury Police Department’s Special Response Team (SRT) is comprised of fourteen members divided into two (seven member) assault teams. Each assault team consists of a designated entry leader and members are trained in a specialty and cross-trained in an alternate specialty. Specialty positions include breaching, EMT certified medical, less lethal munitions, chemical munitions, ballistic shields, and sniper/counter-sniper. Two hostage negotiators are assigned as adjunct members to the Special Response Team.

The Special Response Team is equipped with Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU), hoods and gloves. Special weapons that are in the Special Response Team Arsenal include H&KMP5 Navy Model suppressed sub-machine guns, Benelli M1 Entry Shotguns, Colt AR-15s, United States Army issued M16A-1’s, (1) Springfield Armory Model M21 Tactical Rifle and (2) Remington 700P 308 Sniper Rifles with Leopold Mark4 M1 Ultra 10X optics. Additional equipment includes Motorola headsets communication gear, night vision goggles, RBR armor Level III heavy assault vest, gas mask and Def Tec/Omni Blast distraction devices.

Assignment to the Special Response Team is the result of a “try-out” for the vacant positions. The “try-out” is two days and evaluates the potential operator’s physical abilities as well as his/her ability to handle as assortment of weapons and fire them in a stress induced environment. This is all done in a timed exercise and graded for points. The potential operator is also graded on (past and present) duty performance. Selected members are subsequently enrolled in SWAT school for basic introductions and instruction. Specialty positions filled on the team are filled from current manpower within the department.
The Special Response Team is utilized for the service of high-risk arrest and search warrants. The team provides protective cover for executive protection details, decoy and similar undercover operations. The team also deals with barricaded suspects, mentally ill suspects and similar incidents requiring specialized enforcement and interventions. The team also assists surrounding agencies under mutual aid agreements.

 Contact Information

Special Response Team Commander
Deputy Chief Steve Whitley

(704) 638-5345