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 Organizational Structure


In March 2011, Chief Collins implemented a massive re-organization within the ranks of the Salisbury Police Department. This brought with it the opportunity for many deserving staff members to receive promotions, as well as new structure for the department, along with a new Street Crimes Unit.

Currently, the three primary divisions of the Salisbury Police Department are:

This division consists of the Chief of Police, the Deputy Chief of Police, Professional Standards Lieutenant, Police Planner, Police Recruiter, Fiscal Analyst and an Administrative Assistant. This division is responsible for overall management of department activities, policy making, the accreditation process, as well as fiscal management of the department's $8 million budget.

This division is managed by a Police Captain. Within the Operations Division are four Patrol Teams. Each team is led by the Team Lieutenant, also called the "Watch Commander". Each team, which consists of nine Patrol Officers, is also staffed with a first-line supervisor, holding the rank of Sergeant. Of the nine officers, one is designated as the Assistant Team Leader and one is designated as the team's K-9 Handler.

Also within the Operations Division is a three-man Traffic Unit. These individuals complement the patrol function by investigating many of the traffic crashes that occur throughout the city. This unit also routinely manages projects (many under mutual aide agreements with other law enforcement agencies) aimed at the reduction of traffic accidents, DWI's, speeding and many other types of traffic related violations. This Unit works closely with the Governor's Highway Safety Program, and performs traffic-related projects within their timelines and guidelines, which has assisted the department successful at with the receipt of grant funding.

Support Services
This Division is managed by a Police Captain. Within the Support Services Division are multiple units, which enable the department to function and to be successful at serving citizens. 

Our Criminal Investigations Unit consists of "General Investigators", "Drug Investigators", the "Police Interdiction Team" and the department's Crime Laboratory. All four components are led by the same Lieutenant, however, all (with the exception of the Lab) have their own designated first-line supervisor, holding the rank of Sergeant.
Our "General Investigators" investigate felony crimes which require a high skill level and a lot of time to complete. These felony's consist of anything from white collar crime to homicide.
Our "Drug Investigators" are mainly pro-active and seek out those who are involved in the drug trade for arrest and prosecution. Drug seizures are the only function of the department that has the potential to produce a source of revenue via the asset forfeiture process.
The "Police Interdiction Team (P.I.T.)" is a newly formed unit, with the goal of being highly vigilant in our known troubled areas and those areas where we learn that special enforcement attention is needed. Though this unit, by design, will help to complement the patrol function, its members do not typically respond to normal calls for service. Instead, they remain in a constant pro-active mode, seeking to halt or deter street level crime.
The Support Services Division is also responsible for all other aspects of the department, including Telecommunications (dispatch of emergency and non-emergency calls for service), Training; Evidence and Property storage and management, Community Services, D.A.R.E./G.R.E.A.T. programs, Victim and Witness services, our Downtown Patrol and Parking Enforcement and the Records Unit.

 Contact Information

Salisbury Police Department
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Audrey Johnson 

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