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 Professional Standards Lieutenant Andy Efrid


The department’s Office of Professional Standards is led by Lt. Andy Efird. Lt. Efird started with the Salisbury Police Department as a Reserve Officer in February, 1999. Lt. Efird became a full-time employee assigned to patrol in August, 1999. Lt. Efird has held numerous positions within the police department including patrol, K-9 officer, a member of the Traffic Safety Unit as a vehicle crash reconstructionist and was formerly the Professional Standards Sergeant assigned as the department’s Accreditation Manager.

Lt. Efird is currently a member of the department’s Special Response Team (SRT) where he holds the position of Police Sniper. In addition to his normal duties Lt. Efird is also the Lead Firearms Instructor for the Salisbury Police Department and holds instructor certifications for Taser, Chemical Munitions and Less Lethal Munitions.
Lt. Efird received his education at Stanly Community College where he earned his Associate in Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice Technology in 2010. He is currently enrolled at Mountain State University where he is completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice.

​​The Professional Standards Lieutenant responsibilities include internal affairs investigations, use of force/vehicle pursuit analysis, management of the rotation wrecker and the False Alarm Reduction Program.

Internal Affairs
The Professional Standards Sergeant investigates allegations against department members that are of a serious nature. These allegations may include excessive force, civil rights violations, corruption, criminal misconduct, etc. Other command personnel normally investigate complaints of a minor nature (discourtesy, misfeasance of duty, etc.). The Professional Standards Lieutenant controls and directs these complaints by assigning them for investigation, providing them to the Chief of Police for review and maintaining complaint files. He conducts an analysis of citizen complaints annually.Program.
Use of Force/Vehicle Pursuit Analysis
The Professional Standards Lieutenant is responsible for conducting an annual analysis of use of force and vehicle pursuit incidents. This analysis, which examines numerous categories of statistical information, is provided to Command Staff. It is used for determining any needed policy or procedure changes, as well as any existing patterns regarding these incidents.
Citizen Police Academy
In an effort to educate and build partnerships with the community, the Salisbury Police Department conducts an annual Citizen Police Academy. The academy is eleven (11) weeks in length, and provides general information regarding all of the functions of the Department.  Blocks include: polygraph, terrorism/homeland security, domestic violence, and crime scene.  Demonstrations by the K-9 unit and Special Response Team.  If interested in attending the academy, please contact the Professional Standards Lieutenant.
The Professional Standards Lieutenant conducts random inspections of all employees, as well as a comprehensive staff inspection of all divisions and units.
Rotation Wrecker Program
The Professional Standards Sergeant oversees the approval, inspection and management of the vehicle towing companies used by the Department.
As stated in the Department policy regarding citizen complaints, such as allegations will be investigated to the fullest extent possible. The five classifications of finding are:
  • Sustained - Allegation is true, and action taken was inconsistent with policy.
  • Not Sustained - There is insufficient proof to confirm or to refute the allegation.
  • Exonerated - Allegation is true, but action taken was consistent with policy.
  • Unfounded - Allegation clearly false, or there is no credible evidence for support.
  • Policy Failure - Allegation true, but action taken was not contrary to established policy. Failure is in the structure of the policy itself. 
The Department’s policy governing internal affairs and grievances from citizens requires that all complaints regarding a member of the Department and all complaints that pertain to Departmental policies and procedures shall be documented and investigated to the fullest extent possible. Anonymous complaints are treated with the same level of concern as those with known complainants. This policy often results in the documentation and inquiry into trivial matters and complaints that are ultimately without foundation. However, the Department’s philosophy is that all complaints must be investigated thoroughly for the benefit of the public as well as that of accused members. The purpose of this policy is to assure the community of prompt corrective action when police personnel conduct themselves improperly, while also protecting Department members from unwarranted criticism. The integrity of the Department depends upon the personal integrity and discipline of its members. To a great extent, the public image of the Department is determined by the quality of the internal affairs function in responding to allegations of misconduct by the Department or its members.
If an individual wishes to file a complaint against an officer of the department he/she may do so by contacting a member of the Salisbury Police Department in person, by letter, by telephone, or by email.  Once a formal complaint is filed, the complaint will be investigated by the office of Professional Standards or designated supervisory personnel.  Once the investigation of the complaint is complete, the complaint will be notified via letter or telephone call of the findings.

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