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 Financial Specialist Greg Pannell


Financial Specialist, Greg Pannell, began with the City of Salisbury in 1987 in the Purchasing Department and worked there until January of 2005. In 2005 Pannell was transferred to the Salisbury Police Department as the department’s
 Financial Specialist.  

Pannell is responsible for preparing, monitoring, and implementing the fiscal budget as well as tracking personnel and handling payroll. In fiscal year 2012/2013 Pannell’s duties also include monitoring the Salisbury Fire Department’s budget.

The Financial Specialist prepares the department’s annual budget, and insures proper management of the budget, working closely with the department’s command staff and all division commanders. 
The Financial Specialist performs a number of highly technical functions including budget development, budget execution, advanced fiscal analysis, revenue and expenditure monitoring and budget status analysis on a department-wide or individual program levels. 
Budget Development
Typical tasks: Consults with command staff on department goals, long-range and short range program and financial objectives, expenditure forecasts, translates decisions and data into required budget format and works with representatives of other departments to resolve budget issues. 
Budget Execution
Typical tasks: Monitors expenditures against revenues, advises command staff on budget adjustments and potential over-expenditures, prepares monthly financial analysis, consults division commanders on budget issues and budget status and does all purchasing for the department. 
Budget Analysis
Typical tasks: Carries out special studies of budget status and department fiscal position, performs specific program budget analysis upon request and evaluates budget performance by individual cost centers to each of the managing division commanders.

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​Financial Specialist
Greg Pannell
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