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 Police Chief Rory Collins


On March 18, 2010, I had the great honor of being selected as the 10th Police Chief for the City of Salisbury. My career in law enforcement came only after a stint with the U.S. Marine Corps.  Initially, I entered the enforcement arena under former Sheriff Bob Martin and served Rowan County for a five year term, mostly as a Patrol Deputy. In July, 1995, however, I followed my heart and decided to move my employment to the great, historic city of Salisbury.  My career in Salisbury began as a Patrol Officer, patrolling the Southeastern section of the city. By 1998, I was serving in the Criminal Investigations Division as a Detective.  In 2000, I returned to the Patrol Division, where I began moving upward in rank, beginning with Assistant Team Leader until finally reaching the top position in 2010. 
I am a graduate of South Rowan High School and of Livingstone College, where I earned my Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice. With some credits completed, I am continuing to work toward completion of a Master’s Degree.  In addition to those formal educational opportunities, I have also accomplished numerous professional leadership training courses, that include:  Municipal Administration (UNC-Chapel Hill), Public Executive Leadership Academy (UNC-Chapel Hill), and Leadership, Educating, and Developing (University of Virginia).  Thus far in my nearly 22 ½ year law enforcement career, I have served in the patrol component, general investigations, drug investigations, as well as progressive leadership roles overseeing every aspect of the municipal policing profession. 
After completing my first year as Salisbury’s Police Chief, I enacted some organizational changes that I felt would make the department stronger and enable it to provide the services that our community needed and deserved. As a result, I reduced the number of Deputy Chiefs our department had from two to one. This remaining position serves to oversee most aspects of the department and is the Acting Chief during my absence. I also created two Captains positions to oversee our Operations and Support Services Divisions.  In addition to managing those functions, these Captains are also responsible for other tasks, such as oversight of the permitted events functions, grant pursuits, serving as the department’s Public Information Officer and more.  In addition to those changes, I also positioned a command level Officer on each patrol team for quality improvement and finally, I implemented a Street Crimes Unit to deal with those issues that were affecting the quality of life within specific neighborhoods.
As with any profession, there are certainly frustrations, however, there has never been a time that I have regretted my career choice, nor have I regretted my choice to serve our great city alongside the many brave men and women who sacrifice to protect our citizens each and every day.  I am constantly amazed at the skill and accomplishments of our officers and staff. The Salisbury community should be very proud to know that they are protected by individuals who are well educated and well trained to deal with the many different types of issues that can face a community .
It is truly my honor to be your Salisbury Police Chief!

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​Salisbury Police Chief
Rory Collins
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