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Park Partners
Salisbury Parks and Recreation would like to thank our Park Partners. Their generous donations and continued support provide funding for brochure printing, event advertising and strong community outreach. Their outstanding dedication to the citizens of Salisbury and the surrounding area is greatly valued. Park Partner ads are featured seasonally, three times per year, in our program brochure.

Greenway Sponsors
The Salisbury Parks and Recreation Department currently maintains five (5) Salisbury Greenway sections totaling approximately 2.5 of paved trails. Through corporate sponsorships, the Salisbury Greenway receives additional funding for promotion and maintenance of the trail system.

Longtime Salisbury Greenway sponsors,
Rowan Regional Medical Center and Statewide Title, Incorporated are active participants promoting health and wellness in the community and have continually supported our efforts!

Friend of the Park Program
The Salisbury Parks and Recreation Department invites you to become a Friend of the Park today! Help support additions and enhancements to the Salisbury Community Park and Athletic Complex. The Friend of the Park program is a component of the Salisbury Parks and Recreation Foundation, Incorporated - a non-profit tax exempt organization. All donations are guaranteed 100% to be spent on this project. Your donations may be tax deductible as well. All fundraising for the park is handled through Salisbury Parks and Recreation Department. 

Make a Donation
Do you feel passionately about Parks and Recreation? Would you like to make a donation to a specific program, park, the Salisbury Greenway or a facility? There are multiple ways that you can show your support! Contact us for details.

 Contact Information

​To learn more about the Park Partner or Friend of the Park programs or for information regarding how to become a Salisbury Greenway sponsor or to make a donation to a program, facility or project, please contact our:

Administrative Office
4th Floor / 132 N. Main Street
Salisbury, North Carolina 28144
(704) 638-5291