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Human Resources
To provide a centralized source of support and assistance to the City related to its need for the management of Human Resources. Specific functions include providing general personnel administration, recruitment and selection, training and development, health and wellness, employee relations, compensation and benefits administration and a City-wide customer service and multicultural program.

Please call for details on positions and salaries.

 Contact Information

Human Resources
City Office Building
132 N Main Street (2nd floor)
Salisbury, North Carolina 28145

Office Hours
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday

(704) 638-5217
(704) 638-8454

Job Opportunities Hotline

(704) 638-5355



Assistant City Manager
Zack Kyle
(704) 638-5229
Human Resources Director
Ruth C. Kennerly
(704) 638-2168
Human Resources Analyst
Brianna Price
(704) 216-8021

Human Resources Analyst
Souwan Kiengkham
(704) 638-2116

Human Resources Analyst
Alicia Scott
(704) 638-5226​