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Station 1
blogpost Location:  514 E. Innes St.
Fire Station 1,which was dedicated in 1965, protects the heavily-populated downtown district and the eastern section of the city. The station is also home to Fire Administration and Training Division.
Rescue 1
Quint 1
Safety 1
Battalion 1
Contact Information: (704) 638-5351
Station 2
blogpost Location:  2312 S. Main St.
Fire Station 2, was constructed in 1980 and serves the vastly-growing southwest section of the city. The station protects a mixture of residential property, numerous industries and businesses, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, Salisbury High School, Rowan Regional Airport, and newly annexed areas.
Quint 2
Engine 2
Contact Information: (704) 638-5352
Station 3
Fire Station 3, the oldest of the four stations, was constructed in 1956 and protects the northwest section of the city. This area is primarily residential; however there are several public facilities with high concentrations of commercial and educational facilites such as Catawba College, Livingstone College, Rowan Memorial Hospital, and VA Medical Center.
Quint 3
Contact Information: (704) 638-5353
Station 4
blogpost Location:  2325 Statesville Blvd.
Fire Station 4, the newest of the four stations, was constructed in 2005. The station protects a mixture of residential and commercial businesses. Several target areas include Salisbury Mall, Salisbury Gardens Retirement Home, and Food-Lion Headquarters.
Engine 4
Ladder 4
Hazmat 4
Contact Information: (704) 638-5354
Station 5
blogpost Location: 1402 South Main Street
Fire Station 5 was originally erected as Fire Station 2 on April 6, 1942 under the direction of Fire Chief Charles L. Burkett. After serving for 38 years, the station was closed. A new Station 2 was rebuilt 1.4 miles south. The old fire station sat idle for several years. After contemplation to market the property, the Purchasing Department for the City of Salisbury renovated the building and, for many years, remained there as City Purchasing. The City of Salisbury Landscape Department moved into the old fire station after Purchasing departed. Parks and Recreation later occupied the building as well. In 2014 the Fire department, under the direction of Fire Chief Bob Parnell, reclaimed the station and began to renovate/restore the building back to a fire station. As of 2015, the Training and Logistics divisions, along with Squad 5 are located within Station 5.‚Äč

Contact Information: (704) 638-4457