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The Salisbury Fire Department, led by Fire Chief Robert Parnell, strives to provide the citizens of Salisbury with the highest level of emergency services. We are committed to the preservation of life, property, and the environment by effectively meeting the public safety and welfare needs of our diverse community.  
Our Department is a "Service Organization." As such, we will always strive to improve our level of service and commitment to one another and to the citizens we protect. Our members mitigate every challenge they face through constant training and development, increasing professional knowledge, and using the best possible protective equipment and proven methods. The leadership and administration of this department acknowledges that the management of such a system must be modern, resourceful, and firmly committed to the safety and well-being of each member of the department and of our community.
This firm committment is further demonstrated by the Department's motto: "Value Life, Prevent Harm, Respond Quickly and Respect All."
The Salisbury Fire Department responds to over 4,000 incidents a year. The Department employs over 100 highly trained men and women. During an average year the department responds to a variety of calls for assistance, including medical emergencies. Besides fire engine and fire truck units the department has specialized teams for haz-mat, water rescue, high angle, trench, confined space and collapse. We serve the community in many other ways than just traditional fire fighting based on the talents and interests of our team members.
Mission Statement
To protect the quality of life for present and future generations through interaction with our community, compassionate service and an atmosphere that encourages innovation, professionalism, and diversity.
Our Core Value
To maintain high customer satisfaction with superior customer service.
Our Goals
  • Mitigate hazards and emergencies by quickly responding to all requests with professional members
  • Provide public safety education and hazard prevention services to our community.
  • Strengthen management and leadership services
  • To provide an excellent work environment, ever mindful of our fiscal responsibility and our commitment to serve
  • Embrace Diversity
Our Services
  • Protect human life from fire and other life safety hazards.
  • Provide inspection and code enforcement activites
  • Handle hazardous material and rescue emergencies.
  • Provide emergency medical care for sick and injured
Our Insurance Rating
The Insurance Services Office (ISO) surveys communities on a regular basis to determine the Public Protection Classification for the fire protection services protecting the community. The Public Protection Classification is used to gauge the ability of a local fire department to respond to fires. A Community's fire protection information is collected and analyzed by ISO using its Fire Suppression Rating Schedule. A classification of 1 to 10 is then assigned based upon the results of the survey. Class 1 is the best rating, and Class 10 is basically an indication of no fire protection. The ISO Public Protection Classification is used by the Insurance industry in determining insurance premiums for many properties within the community.
A variety of areas are examined when ISO conducts their survey. They look at the community's water supply, dispatch (communications) center, and fire department. Each entity receives a rating, and in the end those ratings are considered together to determine the final Public Protection Classification.
As a result of the ISO Survey conducted in October, 2007, the City of Salisbury has been awarded a Class 2 rating