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Fire Prevention Divison
The Fire Prevention Division is charged with improving the lives of its residents by preventing fires and reducing the impact of fires that occur. To accomplish its mission, the division performs inspections of businesses and occupancies as mandated by the North Carolina Office of State Fire Marshall, the State of North Carolina Building Codes, and local ordinances. In addition, the division investigates all major fires occurring within the Fire Department's jurisdiction. The division is divided into five major units, each of which is responsible for a distinct focus on prevention. 
The Fire Prevention Division performs inspections of businesses within the City of Salisbury to assist business owners in eliminating hazards and maintaining a safe workplace. These Inspectors are responsible for enforcing city council adopted codes and ordinances, issuing various permits, follow-up on citizen complaints in regards to possible hazards, and maintaining records for businesses in the city.
The focus of an inspection is to identify and correct problems that may lead to a fire, delay notification of a fire, and to remove any obstacles that may impede or block egress from a building. Examples of these may include combustibles stored near the furnace or water heater, an alarm system or sprinkler system that has not been maintained or storage in an exit way.
The Fire Investigation Unit is responsible for determining the cause of fires and assists in the investigation of other related incidents. Strong, aggressive investigations will decrease the number of incendiary fires as well as accidental fires. The identification of the cause and circumstances of how a fire occurred will often prevent a similar incident from happening again. The information that is discovered may be used for a new fire prevention and/or public education program to prevent an incident. The fire investigation unit does prosecute individuals responsible for incendiary fires and threats to burn property.
The Fire Prevention Divison enforces all ordinances mandated by the City of Salisbury. Fore a complete list of fire related ordinances, please visit Municipal Codes
Plan Reviews
A review of all commercial building plans (new construction and remodeling) is performed by the Fire Prevention Division prior to the issuance of a building permit. Automatic fire sprinkler, automatic fire suppression, fire alarm, and commercial kitchen hood systems are reviewed also.
The plans are reviewed for compliance with all of the related fire codes as adopted by the City of Salisbury. The plans are checked for compliance with items such as:
  • Maximum occupant load determination for the building and occupancy
  • Location and type of the required fire rated assemblies
  • Fire extinguisher size and number
  • Determine if a fire alarm system is required
  • Determine if an automatic fire sprinkler system is required
  • Other fire or life safety deficiencies
  • Proper number, size and location of exits and doors

Public Education
The Salisbury Fire Department is committed to providing the community with life safety education. We believe in the power of prevention and education and offer a wide range of services. Our aim is to reduce life and property loss in our community. By educating those who live and work in Salisbury, we can safe lives.
The Public Education section of the Fire Prevention Division is responsible for educating the public concerning the dangers presented by fires. The majority of the Public Education effort is in area schools, where the Fire Prevention staff provides age-specific training to children each year. The Public Education section also provides training for employees and residents of nursing homes, as well as any commercial business that requests fire safety training for its employees.

 Fire Prevention Staff

 Chief Terry Smith
 Fire Marshall
 Capt. Doug Stevens
Asst. Fire Marshall