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The Salisbury Fire Department has built a strong reputation of providing excellent instruction and training to its members.  

The Training Division is a critical element within the fire department. This division is responsible for the training, monitoring and certification of fire personnel. It is through proper training techniques that we strive to reduce injuries to our personnel and provide quality of service to our citizens.
The purpose of our Training Division is to provide a reliable, up-to-date source of educational and practical information to our fire personnel. This ensures that each individual and operational team of the Department is able to perform their duties safely, effectively, and efficiently.
The Division aims to equip all levels of firefighters with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to handle the rigors of their job and to stay safe. Federal and state mandated curriculum is included, but much more additional training is provided to share new techniques as well as keep the traditional skills fresh. Learning takes place through classroom lecture and practical drills.

Training Facilities

The Salisbury Fire Department Training Division operates in partnership with Rowan Cabarrus Community College. Facilities include classrooms, four story drill tower, drafting pit, LP burning pit, Flashover trailer, and weight-room facility.

Tyler Forrest Captain (2).jpg
Captain Tyler Forrest
Training Captain