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Special Projects



Each year, the City Council considers funding for unique Special Projects that are not part of the City’s normal operations.  The following Special Projects are currently being administered, or have recently been completed, by the City Engineering Department:

Innes and Long “Complete Streets” Study



In July 2013, the City of Salisbury will lead a comprehensive study of East Innes, North Long and South Long Streets.  The study will evaluate pedestrian safety, emergency station access, business access, and transit and bicycle accommodations, as well as general traffic patterns.  The study will include significant public involvement, and will result in a long range plan to transform the street cross-sections to relate better to the surrounding land uses.  The study will also evaluate options to allow left turns at the “Square” (intersection of Innes and Main Streets).  80% of the funding for the project will be provided by CRMPO; 10% will be provided by NCDOT; and 10% will be provided by the City of Salisbury.

Old Wilkesboro Road Sidewalks



Phase 1 of this project installed sidewalks and retaining walls on the north side of Old Wilkesboro Road between Livingstone College (Partee Street) and Brenner Avenue, a distance of approximately 1400 feet.  A second project has been planned to extend this sidewalk to Kelsey-Scott Park.  The second phase is tentatively scheduled for FY 2018 with an 80% CMAQ grant.

Salisbury Mall Area Sidewalks



This project will install sidewalks on both sides of Jake Alexander Boulevard from the railroad track to Statesville Boulevard, and on both sides of Statesville Boulevard from Jake Alexander Boulevard to Holly Avenue.  The project will also include safe pedestrian crossings if funds allow.  The project is scheduled for construction in the summer of 2014.  80% of eligible expenses will be reimbursed by CMAQ.




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