Overgrown Grass

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​Overgrown Grass
Overgrown grass on lots can create hazardous, unsafe and unhealthy conditions and constitute a public nuisance. If you have grass, weeds and other vegetation that are over 12” in height, you are in violation of the city code of ordinances and may receive a fine if it stays uncorrected. 

Overgrown lots create a breeding place for mosquitoes, a refuge for rats and snakes and a collecting place for trash and litter. 
The process for remedying a lot with overgrown grass that the City of Salisbury follows is: 
  • Investigate property to determine grass is over 12”      
  • Send Notice of Violation letter to owner and tenants    
  • Allow 15 days for compliance     
  • Send contractor to abate, or mow, the property.     
  • Send invoice to owner for abatement work.
  • File a lien at the tax office if invoice is unpaid after 10 days.
If you are a contractor and would like to be included on our mailing list to receive the annual bid package to mow and clean up properties, please email Code Enforcement at CodeEnforcement@salisburync.gov​.