Junked-Nuisance Vehicles

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Junked-Nuisance Vehicles
Our city code defines a vehicle that is causing an issue on a property and affecting
the overall quality of life of a neighborhood as being either a nuisance, junked or
abandoned vehicle. The definitions are as follows:
Abandoned vehicle
is defined as authorized and defined in G.S. 160A-303 and is a vehicle that:
(1) Is left upon a public street or highway in violation of a law or ordinance
prohibiting parking;
(2) Is left on a public street or highway for longer than seven (7) days;
(3) Is left on property owned or operated by the city for longer than twenty-four (24) hours; or
(4) Is left on private property without the consent of the owner, occupant, or lessee thereof
for longer than two (2) hours.

Junked motor vehicle
is defined as authorized and defined in G.S. 160A-303.2 and means a vehicle that does
not display a current license plate lawfully upon that vehicle and that:
(1) Is partially dismantled or wrecked; or
(2) Cannot be self-propelled or moved in the manner in which it was originally intended to move; or
(3) Is more than five (5) years old and appears to be worth less than one hundred dollars ($100.00).

Nuisance vehicle
means a vehicle on public or private property that is determined and declared to be a health
or safety hazard, a public nuisance, and unlawful, including a vehicle found to be:
(1) A breeding ground or harbor for mosquitoes, other insects, rats or other pests;
(2) A point of heavy growth of weeds or other noxious vegetation over eight (8) inches in height;
(3) A point of collection of pools or ponds of water;
(4) A point of concentration of quantities of gasoline, oil, or other flammable or explosive
materials as evidenced by odor;
(5) One which has areas of confinement which cannot be operated from the inside,
such as trunks, hoods, etc.;
(6) So situated or located that there is a danger of it falling or turning over;
(7) One which is a point of collection of garbage, food waste, animal waste,
or any other rotten or putrescible matter of any kind;
(8) One which has sharp parts thereof which are jagged or contain sharp edges
of metal or glass; or
(9) Any vehicle specifically declared contrary to public health, safety and welfare
by the code services manager.
The compliance process for a vehicle is as follows:      
  1. Investigate and determine to be abandoned, junked or nuisance       
  2. Send Notice of Violation to vehicle owner and property owner.      
  3. Allow 15 days for compliance.   
  4. If still not compliant, a tow company is called to remove the vehicle.     
A Post Tow Notice letter is sent to vehicle owner and property owner.
Retrieving a Towed Vehicle
If your vehicle has been towed by the Code Enforcement Division due to non-compliance
with the city codes, you should receive a Post Tow letter within seven days of being towed. 
If you did not receive your letter yet, or would like to check on a vehicle that may have
been towed, please call our office at (704) 216-7559. If you leave a voicemail, please
include your name, address where vehicle was located and a description of the vehicle
including make, model, color, tag and/or VIN number.
To retrieve your vehicle, you will need to go the designated tow company for your vehicle
and pay the associated fees issued by the tow company. The city does not charge extra
for towed vehicles at this time.