America's Gigabit City

Salisbury is proud to announce the City's recent upgrade to being a gigabit city. Thanks to Fibrant's new 1 gigabit Internet speeds, the City of Salisbury can offer businesses and residents a top-tier fiber optic infrastructure. There is no faster Internet speed in North Carolina, and no competitors in the Charlotte region come close. Why wait for Google Fiber or for Time Warner Cable's "coming soon" speeds when Salisbury has the fastest Internet right now?

What is a Gigabit City?

All around the country, local municipalities are looking to the future needs of their citizens. The Internet is a major part of our futures and there is growing concern over the "digital divide" between groups with high-speed access to the World Wide Web and everyone else. In the words of Heather Burnett Gold, President of the FTTH Council "We're responding to the overwhelming interest in obtaining gigabit connectivity from community and business leaders across the U.S. by giving them the tools they need to make sure their communities stay competitive."​

For businesses looking to setup high-bandwidth operations on a fully-functional 1 gigabit network, Salisbury is the only city in the region that offers that opportunity. Entrepreneurs can innovate, expand and prosper on this broadband platform of the future. Compared to the national average, 1 gigabit Internet speeds are 100x faster. 


This city-owned telecommunications company provides Salisbury with Internet, video and phone service. Fibrant's Internet service is not only the fastest in Salisbury and the surrounding regions at up to 1 gigabit speed. Fibrant also provides symmetric upload/downloads. This means that both the upload and the downloads speeds are up to 1 gigabit. For businesses or citizens downloading or uploading to the Internet, this makes waiting time a tiny fraction of what most local broadbands can offer. Fibrant's Internet service is 99.999% reliable and all it's customer service is provided locally. Check out their latest packages at

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